Handmade Moisturizing Soap

handmade moisturizing soap

Mojave Soap Company started in 2000 in Portland Oregon as All Naturals Bath and Body. When owner Phillip Fitzlaff moved back to Las Vegas, NV in 2002 he discovered (or re-discovered) the Mojave Yucca plant.

It was then that he learned of the benefits of this plant dating back 10,000 years. Each product is made from Yucca Root Oil found naturally in the Mojave Desert.

Mojave Soap Company uses the Yucca Plant as the base for all of our products from soaps to lotions and beyond. The Yucca Plant is easily found scattered throughout the Mojave Desert and used to be used for food, weaving material, and even soap by the ancient tribes.

We honor these people and this land by creating products with ingredients supplied by the Mojave Desert

Our products are designed with your skin needs in mind. Each one is produced with natural ingredients and not synthesized in a lab. What this means to YOU is a product you can trust to not harm or react in any negative way. As a proud member of Buy Nevada and supporter of Clean the World, we stand by our products.

Natural Bath and Body

Natural Handmade Soap Just like our 4.5 oz bar, but in a condensed 2.5 oz round bar that's perfect for using on the face! Yucca oil, Shea Butter and Oat will sooth and soften you skin while the Honey and Vitamin E will aid in repairing it from the elements.

Mojave Joe Coffee Scrub

Naturals Bath and Body This Coffee Soap Scrub if the perfect solution to anyone who works with their hands such as mechanics and cooks. The infusion of Coffee, Grounds, Yucca Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E provide a bar that can remove odors and stains while providing a healing moisture to your skin.

Moisturizing Soap And Lotions

Pink Mojave Soap Company This oil, mixed with Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Safflower Oil, will feed your skin the moisturizing in needs, while lathering you a product made from all natural vegetable glycerin....and that's no Lye!

LaMadre Moisturizing Bar

Coconut Oil and Vitamin Named after the LaMadre Mountain Range in the Spring Mountains located in Nevada, this bar will take you back to the old west with it's slight mahogany scent. Made with Shea Butter, Yucca Root Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.

Mojave Soap Company

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Mojave Soap Company

Natural Bath and Body Moisturizing Soap And Lotions Mojave Soap Company originates in Las Vegas, Nevada; the heart of the Mojave desert. The Mojave is the largest and driest desert reaching temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit and receiving only four inches of rain per year (approximately). body lotion

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